Living Well With Lung Disease

Emergency Planning

A matter of concern to those who live alone is how to get help quickly when needed. Make arrangements to have a relative or friend call at the same time every day to make sure you are okay. Consider buying a cordless phone and carrying it around with you. This way, if you run into trouble, you can call for help. Many companies offer monitoring services. They provide a panic button, worn on a chain around the neck, that can summon emergency help.

Traveling with Oxygen

People who use oxygen can travel to most places, but it requires some advance planning.

  • Call your local oxygen supplier one to two weeks in advance to arrange for your oxygen supply while you are traveling. Your needs will vary according to your mode of transportation (see “Using oxygen on an airplane”) and length of stay at your destination.
  • If traveling by air, book far in advance because airlines allow only a limited number of people traveling with oxygen per flight.
  • Take antiseptic hand-washing packets or gel to help avoid picking up bacterial or viral infections. Also wash hands with soap and water frequently.

If you are traveling to an area of high altitude, plan ahead for an oxygen supply at your location.

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